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Lacuna Coil unveil video for ‘Blood, Tears, Dust’

Continuing the ride the waves of last year’s critically-acclaimed studio album Delirium, Lacuna Coil have recently released a brand new music video for the crowd favourite ‘Blood, Tears, Dust’.

Check out the video in full below:

In keeping with the album’s concept of insanity and mental instability, Cristina Scabbia stands alongside her fellow bandmates, dressed in dirty white straight jackets and surrounded by a decrepit backdrop of what appears to be an abandoned asylum.

Remarking on the video itself, Scabbia comments that “This is the core of who we are as a band: the sweat, the dirt, the raw energy. It’s our insanity and all of us feeling comfortable with it. This video is only a part of a much bigger plan…stay tuned.”

It’s unclear what the Italian vocalist may be alluding to; Perhaps we will see a string of interconnecting music videos in the months to come, but fans of Lacuna Coil and their eighth studio album will want to keep a close eye on the horizon.

Luke Milne
Luke Milne
London-based music junkie Luke Milne has worked in the journalism industry for a number of years, having been fortunate enough to have been closely exposed to a broad range of musical influences in his early youth. Though he picked up a guitar in his early teens, Luke found his real passion lay in observing and inderstanding the culture, history and social buzz that surrounds the rock and roll lifestyle. Also, he couldn't play triplets to save his life.

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