Led Zeppelin release remastered version of ‘The Ocean’

Taken from their classic three night concert recorded at Madison Square Gardens in July 1973, the only one manager Peter Grant ever allowed to be filmed, Led Zeppelin are now also releasing a remastered version of ‘The Ocean’, taken from their album The Song Remains The Same and it’ll be available on September 7th, 2018.

The Ocean in question is not the sea. According to band biographer, Dave Lewis, The Ocean in question is the sea of heads and hands singer Robert Plant would be looking at when he peered out into the crowd from the stage, and to whom the song is dedicated to. In the song, Plant sings I’m singing all my songs to a girl who’s won my heart, she’s only three years old and it’s a real fine way to start. The girl in question was his daughter, Carmen, who was three years old when the song was originally recorded.


Led Zep were at the absolute zenith of their powers when this album was filmed and recorded, and it’s a fitting testimony to their legacy as one of the greatest ‘live’ acts ever to grace a stage.


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