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Lemuria reveal their new album, ‘The Distance Is So Big’

Indie rockers Lemuria have announced the details for their third studio album and follow-up to 2011’s Pebble, entitled The Distance Is So Big.

Check out the artwork and track listing below!

the distance is so big

1. Michael and Stephen Moon
2. Brilliant Dancer
3. Clay Baby
4. Scienceless
5. Paint The Youth
6. Dream Eater
7. Oahu, Hawaii
8. Chihuly
9. Bluffing Statistics
10. Public Opinion Bath
11. Congratulations Sex
12. Survivors’ Guilt
13. Ruby

The band have told fans to keep their eyes out for song premieres, pre-order packages and other news soon to be announced.

The Distance Is So Big will be released June 18th on Bridge Nine Records.

Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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