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Moody Blues’ John Lodge’s Crazy Times

John Lodge, bass guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for The Moody Blues has released a new single ‘In These Crazy Times (Isolation Mix)’. It is available to download on Amazon, iTunes, and all usual streaming services. 

Birmingham, UK born Lodge recorded the track in his home studio in Florida, performing vocals and guitar and using GarageBand for keyboards and drums.  He also involved his wife, Kirsten and son, Kristian, both of whom had never recorded before.  Jon Davison, of Yes fame, also added backing vocals and harmonies. 

 “In 1967 The Moody Blues recorded Days of Future Passed, and we were in the studio in lockdown 24 hours a day creating an album that changed my life,” recalled Lodge.  “Being in lockdown now reminds me of the creativity and solitude that took place during that period of my life.  So, I have taken the opportunity, given by this lockdown period, to write and record a new song about these difficult day – Days that stretched into weeks and months.”

“When the pandemic came, I had just finished up my US tour and the Rock and Romance cruise and within three days my wife and I were stranded.  Music is my life, and without a studio (or my band), I decided to perfect my use of GarageBand to create all the instruments, and record my guitars and vocals in my home studio. 

“As I believe we are all in this together, I thought what a great idea to involve all of my family.  My wife Kirsten is singing backing vocals (for the first time!), my son Kristian is playing lead guitar, his wife, Inga, took the photo for the cover (with social distancing!), Jon Davison, from the band Yes, joined me on vocals, and Emily, my daughter is managing the whole thing.

John Lodge expressed his feelings on the subject, chatting and performing some of the track on a recent video you can view here at RAMzine.

“The track was recorded at my home and Kristian and Jon added their parts in their homes, before we sent it to Ray Nesbit, my Front of House Sound Engineer for him to mix at his home studio,” Lodge continued. “It truly is an ‘Isolation Mix’.  My wish is that we can all be together again soon, and then I hope that my 10,000 Light Years Band and I can get together and make a ‘Freedom Mix’.

“I hope you all can relate to this song as another step; in life’s strange and mysterious path, and help you continue to keep the faith that we can do it together.”

You can listen and buy ‘In These Crazy Times (Isolation Mix)’ by clicking here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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