Danny Beardsley gets “Blood From A Stone”

Danny Beardsley

Emperor Chung and The Parallax Method mainman Danny Beardsley has taken the brave and fascinating decision to re-record his solo debut but acoustically and called it Blood From A Stone Unplugged. Primarily a guitarist, his vocal performance is reminiscent of that of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and is pretty damn good…and better than many! On guitar, however, Beardsley is a virtuoso. One listen to the electric version of this album will verify as such, and it is further supported by some stunning acoustic work on this makeover.

If you doubt they transfer well to acoustic, one listen to the intro and the brilliant but short solo on ‘Accept Defeat’ will dispel them — and this is true of all the tracks. ‘Blind Eyed Decisions’ is the best update as the guitar playing is exceptional and the transfer of the weighty riff of the original to acoustic works really well. The title track is pedestrian but still enjoyable as the picking and strumming fascinates. ‘Never Too Late’ has an intro that sounds like a John Williams classical track but quickly reverts to pure Danny as his impassioned vocals join in. ‘Wilt Away’ closes the album with a ballad from a troubadour of yore, even if the lyrics are more up to date.

The only complaint it is possible to level at this remarkable album is that it may be too much in one sitting but, I promise you, if you sprinkle these songs through a heavier playlist, they really come into their own.

Blood From A Stone Unplugged was released on 17th July.


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