Fixation foresee Global Suicide

Fixation are a Norwegian rock band…please don’t confuse them with a few other bands with the same name because on their new EP, Global Suicide, they stamp a very metal authority across the 21 minutes of the four tracks.

The opener, ‘Neurosis’ hits the ground running…fast. The multi-tracked vocals are melodic and poignant and the band provides solid backing throughout with synths never overpowering the riff and, after a thoughtful bridge, the stop/start riff should, to me, have led into a guitar solo…ah well. ‘Survive’ reminds me a little of Queensryche in its structure although it is by no means a facsimile; it is Fixation being inventive and broadening their scope; still no solo though.

‘Bloodline’ throws a seriously heavy riff between the verses into the mix and adds some symphonic touches with synth strings and nearly, but not quite, has a solo!. ‘What We Have Done’ wraps it up with neat drum patterns although vocals veer too much toward the yellow sunglasses style for me. Instrumentally, however, this is a complex and fascinating composition and needs a few listens to “get it”.

This is melodic, structured, and inventive band although they may seem ‘samey’ on the EP, repeated listens will debunk that and I think a full-length album will be worth looking out for.


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