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Conquer Divide Atone

The Michigan U.S. based multinational metalcore five-piece CONQUER DIVIDE have released a new single Atonement, which commemorates their signing to Mascot Records

Mascot have announced that the band’s new studio album will be released later this year. 

In discussing Atonement, drummer Sam Landa says: “The word atonement is about making reparations; about seeking forgiveness; about feeling sorry for something you’ve done and hoping to make things right. In the context of this song, it’s too late for that – the damage has already been done and there’s no going back.” 

The song tries to capture the feelings of betrayal…

“The song tries to capture the feelings of betrayal, of being left high and dry by people who wanted to take the easy way out. The emotions really explode in the breakdown, and the progression mirrors how situations like this can build up in real life.” 

“There’s a kind of calm before the storm, and then another sense of calm after. ‘We don’t know who you are’, and we’ve accepted that – just don’t try to come back and beg for forgiveness when you’ve exhausted all of your chances.” 

The outfit have made a footsure transition from their melodic metalcore inspired roots, to ripen into a redoubtable hard rock act of herculean prodigiousness!

The recalibrated 2022 C/D lineup consists of Kiarely Castillo (vocals) Janel Duarte (vocals, bass) Kristen Sturgis (guitar), Izzy Johnson (guitar) and Sam Landa (drums).

They returned to the studio with 2x Grammy nominated producer Tyler Smyth (Falling in Reverse, I Prevail) and 4x RIAA certified gold record producer Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, Of Mice & Men) for the new recordings.

Atonement” is a tussle of interlocking dark weaves, at the dawning, but these intensify with passionate maturity till the masterwork brings a sense of monumental deliverance. Significant!

Stream the song at

Neil Mach
Neil Mach
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