New Tunes Tuesday: The Fell release catchy new track ‘Dancing On a Glass Floor’

Nashville rockers The Fell have released the follow-up to their debut single, entitled ‘Dancing on a Glass Floor‘.

Check out the video below:

The Fell are made up of musicians from bands such as Mr Big and Winery Dogs, among many others.

The band had this to say:

“The Fell is a collaboration of musicians who hail from rock’n’roll upbringings. We wrote this record with no filter, just the pure experience of playing music around the world. The four of us met through rock’n’roll, and that is the language we are projecting in this project. Lyrically, we hope to inspire those in doubt and join those who reap. It’s a new world… a new fight”.

Music by The Fell is available on Spotify and other services. Keep your eyes peeled for a tour soon.


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