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On site activities at Download Announced

Have you ever dreamed of walking around at a festival with your skin oiled and wearing only speedos? This year you have got a chance as DOWNLOAD festival announced that their dress up theme is Pro-Wrestling. Giving a chance to people shine in their weird and wonderful WWE costumes and show of those beautiful tattoos that they have suffered for. PROGRESS Wrestling and their finest wrestlers will also show how wrestling is done properly, you will witness how Downloads very own Dog fairs against pro wrestling champ Jimmy Havoc.

Those who would like to express themselves differently can try to get their moment of truth on the Dog’s Bed Stage where they can grab the mic and rock away.

Working hard makes everyone thirsty of course there will be plenty of opportunities to hydrate yourselves at Hair of the Dog beer and real ale house or Lord Somersby’s Manor which includes a bar and music services (DJ). Drinking may make you hungry, but worry not Download got that covered too with plenty of amazing gastronomic offerings with the likes of Goodness Gracious, Texas Smoker and Kwacker making mouths water this year.

For the ones who are greatly concerned by toilet comfort, the Seat of Luxury pass offers the cleanest, most refreshing high-tech festival toilet experience in the history of music festival toilets. Shitting at the right toilet is very important.

For the single and the adventurous there will be Heavy Metal Speed Dating hosted by Heavy Metal Dating. If you are a spiritual kind you will most probably find your home at the Download’s Chapel of Love at the Inflatable Church, here you can practice your wedding wows and participate in other activities such as Morning Glory Rock Spandex Workout, Air Guitar Competitions and much more.

The creatives can satisfy themselves with various Workshops such as heavy metal mask making and circus skills KISS face painting (bring your own tongue).

There will be a Pop-Up Art Gallery, LASER TAG – you probably know what that means, if not just ask google.

To add to this insanity you will find all the Download favourites, The Doghouse – featuring such iconic rock club nights as Uprawr, Voodoo Rocks, Alpha, Face Down & Ultimate Power, as well as internet sensations and fast food-themed Black Sabbath covers band Mac Sabbath– the big top Cinema, comedy and silent discoin the Side Splitter, medieval carnage courtesy of Demolition Download, and the crazy iconic Download Totem.


Tickets are available at  and a limited amount  of ‘RIP’ Luxury Tent & Hotel Packages also available at

Ticket Prices

Day Tickets: £75

Weekend Arena Only: £180

Weekend & 3 night camping (standard or family): £205

Weekend & 5 night camping (standard or family): £215

Camper Vans: £100

Lockers (campsite): £16

Carpark: £20

Download Festival 2015

Kris Olle
Photographer, Musician, Scientist and Entrepreneur. Deeply in love with rock music and guitar riffs. Grown up on Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

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