Onslaught Unveil New Line-up for Bloodstock 


UK thrash metal act Onslaught will unveil their new line up on the main stage at Bloodstock Festival Bloodstock Festival on 10th August, as longstanding members Nige Rockett, Sy Keeler & Jeff Williams are joined by James Perry (drums) and Wayne Dorman (guitar).

“The band is genuinely sounding more powerful and aggressively focused than ever before! “ Rockett announced. “James has been a great friend of the band for many years and is one hell of a drummer, a complete thrashing machine, so solid and lighting fast.

“Exactly the same applies to Wayne; he’s the perfect fit for the Onslaught, an awesome all round guitarist; his lead playing is full on metal, no bullshit, exactly what you would expect to hear in our music!”