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Orden Ogan’s Final Days

German power metal band Orden Ogan has moved the release date of their new sci-fi styled album Final Days. Originally due on 13th November, it will now be out next year on 12th March, through AFM Records.

Final Days is a dark-science-fiction-concept-record and it features all Orden Ogan trademarks, fat and modern riffs, epic choruses and melancholic orchestral arrangements,” said singer and producer Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann. “On this record you will find the best songs that we have ever written. Gunmen was a strong and important record for us, but Final Days takes it to the next level.”

Commenting on the album’s release being rescheduled he said:

The Corona virus didn’t stop at our doorstep and killed all of our timing, especially in the video department where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. People know that we produce our music because we love what we do and work on it until everything sits perfectly. We are not wiling to compromise this and instead have to aim for the 100% result.”

They did, however, release ‘In The Dawn Of The AI’ as a single from the album a while back, and Levermann said of that track: “A lot of hard work was necessary to create this song. I think it’s a quite epic-elaborate track which style-wise fans might expect from us. This time we added a touch of sci-fi, and this will be something you can witness throughout the entire new Final Days album.

’In The Dawn Of The AI’ is one of the doomsday scenarios we show on the album. It’s about the most likely scenario when creating a real artificial intelligence which becomes self-aware, constantly learns and grows”.

Orden Ogan followed this up last December with the release of a new single & lyric video ‘Heart Of The Android’ and have now brought out a third single in ‘Inferno’.

You can catch the videos to all three of these singles right here at RAMzine.

Final Days will be available as a CD-Digipak (+Live DVD) from AFM RECORDS webshop. While CD, CD-Digipak, limited box set and limited coloured vinyl can be pre-ordered here as well.

Orden Ogan are due to play the Islington Assembly Hall on 2nd May 2021

Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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