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Sydney, Australia punk rock band Plants exploded onto the live music circuit with a bunch of energetic shows in their first year. A versatile blend of catchy punk rock infused with straight-up Aussie humour has them steadily growing their local audience.

Their debut EP Songs About Mostly Pubs And Drugs Vol. 2 was released in 2019 and they have just followed that up with Vacuumed Half To Deaf – A seven track EP, available on Riot Records, and continues to diversify the band’s sound.

The title – Vacuumed Half to Deaf – stemmed from the amusing incident of a cleaning lady who began to vacuum the studio live room whilst the band was still tracking. Putting the concept to artist and friend Jaben Betz (Pineapple Stickers Art), he produced suitable cover artwork and the idea for the EP further solidified.

Vacuumed Half to Deaf was recorded in their typical style – the whole band live in the room with no click track, and additional guitars and vocal layers added in post.

From the fuzzy stoner rock of ‘Stoned At Breakfast’, to upstroking ska-punk tune ‘Friend’, or the classic Aussie punk-rock vibes on Say It To My Face’ – the band is not afraid to show their variety of influences, with their laid-back Aussie humour seeping through in almost every track.

You can buy/stream Vacuumed Half to Deaf here.

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