Thursday, July 7, 2022

Stahlmann – Kinder Den Sehnsucht

Germany’s Stahlmann release their new album Kinder Den Sehnsucht on 22nd March through AFM Records that’s said break open some “traditional genre borders.”

Stoic guitars, chilling electro-parts and brutal lyrics mix with punk rock and Deutschrock elements throughout.

Stahlmann frontman Mart Soer claims the band are confronting a modern society with their own portrait on the record: Our society is more socially connected and flooded with information and incidents more than ever before, and at the same time it is lonelier, more meaningless and more unoriented than ever.”

Fortunately, he doesn’t see negativity everywhere, notably with the track‘Die Besten’ that is intended as a hymn to friendship.Friendship is the most precious thing that exists. “Being able to rely on someone and talking honest with people is something that should be celebrated and honoured much more often. Real friendship is worth that.”

Former over a decade ago, they released their self-titled debut in 2010, then followed it with Quecksilber and have appeared regularly in the German album charts ever since. Aside from Soer on vocals & programmings, Mario Sobotka plays guitars, Eugene Getman bass, and Dimitrios Gatsios drums.

Kinder Den Sehnsucht can be pre-ordered now.

Title track ‘Kinder Den Sehnsucht’ was previously available as a single/video and they have similarly just released ‘Die Besten’ that Soer spoke about. You can watch the video for it here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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