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Tangerine Dream’s  Sonic Poem Series Remastered on Vinyl

Originally released between 2011 and 2013, Tangerine Dream‘s Sonic Poem Series marks a significant highlight in the band’s storied history. Previously only available on CD, the Sonic Poems Series is now being released through the Kscope label as a series of remastered vinyl releases. 

Inspired by the timeless works of literary giants such as Edgar Allan Poe and Franz Kafka, the Sonic Poems Series brings to life the evocative and profound atmospheres of their novels through a unique fusion of progressive electronic music and classic literature.

The second in that series – Gustav Meyrink’s The Angel of the West Window – is out now on double vinyl gatefold LP with newly remastered audio and exclusive etchings on side D.

Founded in 1967 by the late Edgar Froese, legendary electronic German group Tangerine Dream has released more than 100 albums in an extraordinary career spanning seven decades. Often referenced as a leading light in the Krautrock movement of the late 60s, Tangerine Dream’s prolific output has earned them seven Grammy nominations since 1967 for both their own studio releases and the equally remarkable film, television, and videogame soundtracks that they have released, of which there are over 50.

Amongst these is 2011’s The Angel of the West Window – a haunting nine-track fever dream recorded at Vienna’s Eastgate Studios and produced by Froese, and inspired by Austrian author Gustav Meyrink’s 1927 occult classic The Angel of the West Window

Heralded as ‘the best synth band in the world’ by The New York Times, Tangerine Dream’s The Angel of the West Window has been described as “one of the finest examples of the band’s signature sound” – Ethereal, often unnerving compositions that unfold gradually, building tension before releasing into moments of sublime beauty.

Disc One on The Angel of the West Window features ‘The Mysterious Gift To Mankind’, ‘The Evening Before Easter’, ‘Living In Eternity’, The Silver Boots Of Bartlett Green’, ‘Hosanna Of The Damned’ and ‘Dream Phantom Of The Common Man’. While Disc Two features ‘The Strange Idol of Baphomet’, ‘Hoel Dhat The Alchemist’, ‘The Invisible Seal Of The Holy Tribe’ and ‘Etching’.

The Angel of the West Window is available here

Kscope will be releasing the remainder of the Sonic Poems Series on limited edition vinyl throughout the rest of 2024 and 2025. 

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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