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Be Free with The Black Skeleton 

Be Free’ is the fifth single from musical project The Black Skeleton, and out now on Golden Robot Records ditially.

The Black Skeleton is the latest project from Quinn Gardener-Kane, best known as the singer of Australian funk/hard rock band, Defryme.

“’Be Free’ is something very pretty we wrote while waiting to do an interview one afternoon,” stated frontman Quinn Gardener-Kane.

‘Be Free’ is about bringing the best of times home with you. The track features Quinn’s then seven year-old daughter, Vader, singing in the background.

The single is available here.

Gardener-Kane has been making what started as a fun journey of writing and recording with other creative friends, and it has turned into “an emotive rock ‘n roll beast all of its own” with an eclectic collection of songs created.

The Black Skeleton is intended as a window to the inner thoughts and stories of Gardener-Kane’s life experiences; some dark and haunting, but always personal.

With an eclectic collection of songs that partner so perfectly with each other, The Black Skeleton has created an EP’s worth of music that will soon be available through Golden Robot Records. 

‘Total Control’ was the project’s previous single, is out as a single, and is in fact The Motels’ eighties feminine anthem given a raunchy, guitar driven overhaul taken from a male perspective. Dark and haunting – it should provoke a different point of view from the very first listen. You can order the new single here.

Previously released was the single ‘Out Of Our Minds‘ and that was where the journey began for the band. Two guys who had never before collaborated in their long careers got together and this catchy rock ballad is the result. You can order ‘Out of Our Minds’ here and you can check out the video for it and others right here at RAMzine.

‘All Around Me’ was the single before. “‘All Around Me’ is sex on a stick. If this doesn’t rock your world, nothing will. ‘All Around Me’ is a dirty, dirty, dirty little rock beast,” came the claim, and you can still order it here.

Prior to that, was debut single ‘The Ledge’ – A melodic rock number, features an appearance from Baby Animals guitarist Dave Leslie.

“Dave gave me the music and I wrote the lyrics and melody for it in one afternoon. We had to work on it six months apart due to the Melbourne lockdown. We tracked the drums and bass in April and finished it in October of 2020,” remarked Gardener-Kane.

You can order ‘The Ledge’ here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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