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Mountain Eye’s Event Horizon

Formed in the summer of 2017, Dutch band Mountain Eye has taken the alternative metal sound that bands like KornLinkin Park and Slipknot presented to the world at the beginning of the century and transformed it to a sound that fits this decade.

Back on their debut album, Roads Uncharted, released in January 2019, Mountain Eye explored the extremes of life; the thin line between happiness and sadness that we all experience, and what makes us all human. 

Recently signed to Crusader Records, they release their new single ‘Event Horizon’ as they explore new territory and demonstrate they are capable of more than brutal metal.

‘Event Horizon’ associates the emotional trauma as to that of a black hole. Once a shining star, traumatic experiences can transform the human emotion into a black hole damaging everything and everyone around them. Even in such isolation, the band seeks to show that they are not alone and that there is help, hope and understanding if that person is willing to receive it. Communication can go a long way and have a positive life changing impact.

You can order the single here and check out the video for it here at RAMzine.

Other recent singles for the label include ‘IME’ (available here) and My Last Winter Trail’ (available here).

‘IME’ tells the story of victory over societal pressure…the kind of victory that can set a person free, because what’s left to worry about if you don’t care about what society thinks of you? Musically, the song switches between chaos, big stadium choruses, groovy guitar riffs and electronic elements. ‘IME’ drives Mountain Eye into the space occupied by the likes of Rob Zombie, Mudvayne and Coal Chamber.

My Last Winter Trail’ is thematically about releasing one’s self physically and spiritually from the demons that try to crush the very essence of who we are and feed on our failures and fears. Musically, the dark synths create an ominous introduction until the song breaks loose into an epic choir-like chorus with pounding drums and melodic guitars. Intricate and technical passages and variations show the incredible depth of the band.

You can check out videos for the singles here at RAMzine

You can also check out more from Mountain Eye on Spotify

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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