The Three Tremors

The Three Tremors
The Three Tremors

Heavy metal thunder will shriek all over the airwaves in January when The Three Tremors release their debut album on Steel Cartel Records – Fronted by former Judas Priest and Iced Earth vocalist Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens alongside Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer, Titan Force), and Sean Peck (Cage, Death Dealer), a tour is also promised.

“Sean’s band, Cage, opened for Judas Priest on the Jugulator tour in San Diego – that is where I first met him,” Owens recalled. But it was only five years ago when things started to happen, as Peck explained.

“I was camping and thinking about the whole Three Tremors urban legend from long ago and what a shame it was that it never happened. Then I started thinking about if there was a resurrected 2018 version of it, who would I get, and Tim and Harry were at the top of my list… It took a long time to put it together, create the right songs, and get it properly arranged, but the results are beyond my wildest expectations.”

“He hit me up about resurrecting the idea and actually doing a record, and then a band, to put this out in the live setting also, and I thought it sounded really cool,” said Owens. “The record came out really strong and I think the fans deserved to have a thing like this actually exist. We performed two of the songs live already when I was out in San Diego shooting the video for the first single, and it was a blast.”  

“Sean and I ended up at a party together in Germany, where we were both playing the same festival, and he told me about The Three Tremors album he was putting together and asked if I would be into it,” said Cronklin of his involvement. “He described the concept and how he wanted to bring this old idea to actual life and I said I was in. Once I started hearing the songs that were being sent over for me to record, I knew this thing was going to be really powerful. Then when I got sent the final mixes with all three of us on it, my jaw hit the floor on how well it all came together. For heavy metal fans, this is the ultimate.” 

Rounding out The Three Tremors line-up are guitarists Dave Garcia and Casey Trask, bassist Alex Pickard and drummer Sean Elg and you can watch the video for their debut single ‘When The Last Scream Fades’ right here at RAMzine.



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