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Through The Dismal Gates Of Sagntid

The now-defunct lo-fi ambient project Sagntid (Denmark/Norway) released a digital single on March 29th entitled ‘Dismal Gates‘ that can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp and YouTube now.

The track is previously unreleased and has been hidden away in the vault and somewhat forgotten until J.N. stumbled on it by chance a couple of months ago and decided to re-mix and edit the atmospheric piece so that it would be suitable for release. Certain sections were recorded back in 2002 while others date from 2011 and 2012, and everything was taped with a small portable 4-track recording device. With tremendous help and assistance from drummer J.H. (Signalfeide, SYN), the ominous cut was wrapped up and completed just the day before it made its way to the web and disseminated to all you lovers of minimalistic dark ambient of the murky variety out there.

“‘Dismal Gates’ is a previously unreleased track that my good friend J.H. and yours truly decided to whip into shape and complete not that long ago. It is a rather old tune and its ideas and parts and whatnot ended up being used elsewhere throughout the years (i.e. it was chopped into bits and scattered to the wind), but going back to the “original versions” of these parts and turning ‘Dismal Gates’ into a proper lo-fi ambient piece was a great experience for me. Sagntid still lies dormant, but the song was simply too tempting for us not to turn into something resembling a worthwhile and hopefully interesting listening experience”. – J.N.

Stream and/or download the track via Bandcamp:


Stream it via YouTube:

In other news, the Sagntid/Signalfeide Alone digital split single was released just last week by Floodgate Moods Productions and you can check that one out here:


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Lolly Rockly
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