Underground US black metal outfit SYN release free digital demo


Back in August this year, the relatively new US black metal trio named SYN released their first-ever rehearsal demo containing three venomous compositions that display both depth and skill. The songs were all captured and recorded live during rehearsals and the result is as raw and unfiltered as it gets. The cursed thing was originally released on cassette in a highly limited of 40 hand-numbered copies, and those copies are now long-gone, but fortunately, it is also available as a free download via Bandcamp, so there is absolutely no excuse not to head on over there right now to check this wild and raging underground gem out if you are into lo-fi yet epic black metal.

Rehearsal Demo was recorded in June/July 2019 and released on August 14 by Regimental Records.


  1. Storm
  2. Monocle
  3. Litanies of the Fallen

M.: Vocals / Guitar
P.: Guitar
J.: Drums

Bandcamp: https://synusbm.bandcamp.com/album/rehearsal-demo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/syn_usbm/

Keep an eye out for SYN!


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