Vambo_photo by James_Spicer.

2019 saw hard rock band Vambo playing both the Download and Isle of Wight Festivals, and while touring’s out right now a new expanded version of their debut album, going out as Vambo Deluxe is due on Friday 6th November on Goliath Records, through Universal Music.

Musically diverse, the album features kicks-off with the band’s debut single ‘Now You See Me’ setting the tone for the whole album. It also includes the Planet Rock Radio playlisted singles ‘Why Why Why’ – An explosion of anthemic goodness, and the enticing ‘World of Misery’.

Vambo Deluxe will feature five new tracks, ‘Paradise’, ‘Mistaken Identity’, ‘Total Jeopardy’, an acoustic version of Dancing With The Devil’ and a live recording of the Deep Purple classic ‘Burn’.

Described as being seeped in sharp musical intelligence with the band in full creative tilt delivering hard-hitting, re-tooled classic rock with a contemporary edge, the album was produced and mastered by Ray Stiles (MUD, The Hollies), and encapsulates Vambo’s live energy and drive.

“We take our inspiration from early 70s hard rock, but we keep our interpretation contemporary – inspired but not copied,” said the band’s frontman and lead singer Jack Stiles. “We are very big on melody and dynamic, not just shredding guitar solos and ‘Check out how fast I can play the drums’. We aren’t that political, our lyrics aren’t super deep and metaphorical, but we can rock as good as anybody. No song on this album is the same… that would be boring.”

You can pre-order Vambo Deluxe by clicking here.

Vambo’s new single ‘Fast Car’ is released on Friday 2nd October and is available from here.

The band will be touring the UK with Praying Mantis and Cats In Space in 2021.


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