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Barb Wire Dolls — Live at the Camden Assembly

Barb Wire Dolls They shuffled onto stage at London’s Camden London Assembly (former Barfly) with an attitude that seemed rather apathetic if not lackadaisical.

Running 15 minutes late — they did not say “Hello” to the public — but maybe that’s the way this gruff artistic grunge punk-rock outfit “BARB WIRE DOLLS” approach such things.

They didn’t seem so much “Desperate” [the title of their latest album] — than “seriously pissed.” Perhaps that’s because the musicians looked out at the pitifully small audience, a handful of fans who managed to turn up on school-night, and thought “sod this for a game of soliders…” [Or greek equivalent.] Why-oh-why were they on so early? And no band either!

It was only last year that the BARB WIRE DOLLS were noticed by Lemmy, signed to Motörhead Music and had legendary manager Todd Singerman take over. My, how time flies in Rock! The new album was recorded at Sonic Ranch, mixed by Jay Baumgardner [Evenescence] — so this band are ultra-hip right now.

Barb Wire Dolls

Barb Wire Dolls The recent renovation of the Barfly meant that the lino on the dancefloor was no longer sticky, the air-con operated efficiently and the lighting was more “Saturday Nite Disco” than balls-out “Rock Venue.” However, it was pretty decent all the same.

Numbers such as “Heart Attack” have belligerent screams and a torrid nature The sizzling guitars and blondie’s voice were immediate and on fire. There is no denying that Isis Queen is hotter than hot. And she does not stop moving for a second. But the voice is less Hazel O’Connor more Courtney Love — and we don’t mean that in an insulting way — but it’s lazy and full-on: Not neat and expressive.Barb Wire Dolls

Other corrosive numbers include the shiny ‘rebel yell’ number “Drown.” This has a skateboarder’s rumbling riff and the kind of agigated drumming from Krash Doll that is really something special. This song has it all — melody, attitude and fat guitars. In fact it suggests that Punk Rock is still alive and lives on a rock in the Mediterranean Sea.

God bless all those who supported this show live. We just wished the band were not such a bitter crew of Angry Birds… Oh well, that’s anarchy for you!


Neil Mach
Neil Mach
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