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Benji Bulldog Reviews Amy Can Flyy!

Whenever I start to think about writing a review I always try and think back to a past link I’ve had, probably while photographing a band.  It always make me think of this…..

….. but actully, I digress.  When thinking of Amy Can Flyy I always remember their bass player (not their current one before I get anyone in trouble) coming up to me in a club and saying, “You photographed my band, Amy Can Flyy – we’re shit.”  That kind of thing sticks in the memory, so when their new EP was up for review my interest in their progression was kindled.  If that were kindling, the bonfire would not be getting started any time soon.

All hope of the South Coast foursome ditching the 80’s video game synth playing in the background was quashed early on and the thoughts that the song-writing had moved on from Dinosaurs Go Rawr had been dispelled by Mr Bones – easily mistaken for something from the Funnybones series.  It’s not until the either ironically or genuinely and brutally honestly titled The Start that a maturity can be found, but even then they sound like an overly pop version of Angels and Airwaves.

Obviously Amy Can Flyy are a niche band, the simplistic style bubblegum pop and fingernails down the blackboard-like 8-bit Nintendo soundtrack (I had a NES, not SNES, when it was new… they were annoying then) are blatantly aimed at a younger crowd then myself.  There is a positive side to listening to Amy Can Flyy though, I want to go and re-kindle my love for Mario.  Like when I was 11 and playing platformers though, the ACF soundtrack will be going off to be replaced by something a little more rock and roll.

In the opinion of Benji the Bulldog ….. 3/10

RAMzine suggests you definitely check them out, and tell Benji if you dis-agree!

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