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Beyond Mortal Dreams – Dreaming Death

Track-By-Track Review

Feast of Carrion

Bulging and rippling riffs a plenty with a huge scornful vocal damming and intense that niggle at the ear lobes and then take a head long dive into the cavities and explode! Hammering and punchy pounding of the skins at a very fast paced with a guitar that is equally as fast and powerful – phew how do they do this? A very creative piece of writing and playing with excellent production with superb melodic swagger! – Awesome!

The Filth of their God

Highly intense with good delivery of skill, magnified by a glorious venomous growl straight from the bowel of deepest hell. A barrage of scathing beats rain down amid a series of screeching guitar and thunderous bass.  If you stripped it of its layers of interwoven chaos it would still be chaotic and take you a very long time to separate! A satisfying contrast of dark energy and melody played brutally.

Dreaming Death

Atmospheric slightly doom infested begin the bands third track and the black metal side of things come to the forefront, demonic and eager with a symphonic feel of slower riffs and beats that balance out superbly well. The build-up is fantastic with its harmonic qualities. The vocals are deep, slow and raw and reminds me of a disembodied Satan. The guitar is immense reaching a solid peak of fiery riffs to yet more enchanting harmonies offering a busy array of macabre goings on that really whets the appetite and will no doubt command your soul on listening!

Beast of Damnation

This track will smother you in ferociousness and put a boney hand around your throat and throttle you senseless! Deep vengeful growling takes over amid a flurry of blasphemous beats and raucous rhythms. It would be fair to say that the quality and contrasts on this E.P are simply breath taking.

Inspiring and haunting, it possesses both death and black metal in equal amounts so is a great balance. The faster moments will make your head spin whilst the more atmospheric track will leave you with that unsettled feeling of foreboding. A truly heartfelt and passionate quality E.P that more than satisfies the raging hunger for metal! – Sleep with one eye open – Beyond Mortal Dreams are here!

 The 4-track EP by Beyond Mortal Dreams tittled Dreaming Death is Released 15th May 2013.



Pagan Hel
Pagan Helhttp://paganhelreviews.blogspot.co.uk/
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