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Burial Vault – Incendium

Burial Vault founded in 2006 , a melodic death metal band from Papenburg, Germany. The band have released two EPs in the past  “… There Is No Resort” and “Come To Grief”. Both have been well received, and now we review their new release ‘Incendium’, track-by-track:

The Stench of Burning Thoughts

Shadowy and holding a neo classical feel of symphonic splendour with lots of keyboard that suddenly explodes into an array of frenzy. Dark, fast and most definitely brutal with lots of edge and completely drowning in extremity. The growls are low, deep and scathing that in turn move to a higher pitched scathing scream further on in the track – this will strip you of your back-bone!

A Blind Follower

A brooding blend of intensive metal that has a definite black feel about it with building rhythms and highly emotive. Darkly suggestive and untamed with a gnarly vocal that is dominant in the track to a swathe of devilish kick beats but it does not lose its elastic melodies that stretch to a superbly high degree.

Soil & Green

Drumming prevalent and powerful its regimented swathe is accompanied by awesome rhythmic guitars that judder in angular extremity. Perfectly driven by a thrusting malevolent barrage of intensity – nice instrumental.


Dark and sinister this begs evil personified to listen with is cornucopia of slow and deliberate festering’s that sweep melodically through a deliciously haunting plethora of heavy guitar, damming blast beats and a vocal that is devoid of anything human. However a clean vocal appears quite unexpectedly throwing the metal head into perplexing chaos.  This track lives up to its name.

The Nightly Horror

Conjuring up all sorts of devilish implications of nightmarish horrors the guitars squeak in anguish to a harsh beat that is wrapped in a grisly growling guttural conglomerate of pure evil. However the melodic traces are quite angelic in tone and so you won’t have to leave your slumbers too long – Superb track!

Prelude to Peripety

Take a slow journey to the sound of sirens wailing and an American woman droning in the background to some ambient keyboards. Spellbinding with intrigue – waiting for the onslaught to emerge… and you would be fooled! Clever!

Fatal Accident

Back in the world of chaotic lunacy Burial Vault continue their blackened journey in a never ending expanding frenzy, sowing their dark seed and reaping havoc in the subterranean producing prolific and fertile offerings. This melodical subterfuge delivers superbly.

Struggling Doubt

Acoustic strings very strange and not expected but anything is possible with Burial Vault.  They are masters of deceit. Slow and clean vocal meanders aimlessly this is probably the weakest track on the album.

Moment of Truth

Symphonic and melodic with heaps of conscience offers deep scenarios of exceptional consequence. Sweeping rhythms will take you on a dark wave of emotions through the abyss into an unknown world.  Shadowy and intense it breathes a corrosive breath of fresh air into the mix, and takes with it a driving force of blackened turmoil.


Sharp and crisp this begins and is immediately pleasing to the aural. Driving passionate melodies flourish in rich splendour coated with ample atmospherics and offers a certain rhythmic reward – my favourite track!

Surveillance Web

The frets get a good work out on this track as the sweeping melodies emerge triumphant from the speakers. Clean and rippling with emotion and indeed intensity – highly inspiring. Another superb instrumental.


Surging and dominant in guttural secretions with a crisp guitar that paves the way with a superb rhythmical content. Strong and powerful bass hooks slash amid the torrent of drum beats and offers a devilishly challenging track.

Black into White

Another creative flurry on the frets as a sparse drum beat kicks in giving it that melodic flavour we have come to recognise with Burial Vault. Highly charged and creative track that brings forth superb diversity.

This is a highly imaginative album that gives you a complex of rhythms and emotive melodies with powerful bass hooks and more than a smattering of gnarly guttural growls.  It also offers clean vocal and a beautiful array of creative strings – On the whole this album has unquestionably delivered on all accounts and will give you more than a highly pleasing listen, but they are German – say no more!

Burial Vaults ‘Incendium’ will be released via Apostasy Records on 24th May 2013.


Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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