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CB6 ‘Succession’

CB6 started in primary school at the tender age of 11, at this time nu metal was very popular and they were listening to the likes of Metallica, Nirvana, Slipknot Mudvayne and Limp Bizkit.  They started playing youth clubs weekly in Southend when they were only 13 by this time they had listened to lots of Pantera, Faith no More and Primus mainly 90s metal. By the time they were 16 they had recorded their 5 track Self-Titled E.P and were playing local venues in Essex, building a good strong local following. Fast forward to now (currently 22) they have recorded ‘Succession’ in just 5 days with Jim Morgan a popular local producer at his university (Buck). Mixing and mastering was done by Matt Hyde who became interested in the project after watching a ‘making of a Youtube video. They have just recently changed their drummer and have toured Europe with Joey Drake behind the kit…

The cover rather turns the stomach somewhat, with its portrayal of King Harold being shot in the eye with an arrow…

Here is out track-by-track review of the album! Perfect: I think the title pretty much sums up this track… irresistible grooves, insatiable appetite, addictive with amazing rhythm!

Clocks: This track also has a bite like a deadly snake, it twists in all the right directions although a lot slower than the previous one – but it does have its raucous moments.

Elephant in the Room: Good little chugger here with a good strong gravelly vocal and meaty bass lure. Has plenty of depth and not afraid to plunge you head first into it!

Illusion: A rather ambient track that possesses as sinister feel to it, before exploding into life and ripping your guts out with quite an emotive force, but sadly, only short lived.

Deep Rooted: Nice and solid this one has quite a compelling groove and very absorbing with a rich aspect of insatiable quality and lasting dramatic riffs. A major highlight on the album so far.

Cold Season: Some nifty guitar work on this track that spews a contagious riff with venomous vocals. Possesses antagonistic qualities and a meaty bass hook!

Penny: A beautiful array of strings bring this track to life. Wrapped in distortion and intrigue and veined with a dark shadowing twist of refined quality.

Succession: The title track to the album this is soaked in a thick and mesmeric rhythm that soars to a rumbustious climax and creates a lasting impression. A striking and compulsive track that will no doubt stir up strong emotions within the listener.

Casualty: Cascading with sumptuous rhythms and brewed beats to perfection, all in all a satisfying listen. A good strong dark hearted composition that sparks temptation.

Eye of the Magpie: Not resting on their laurels CB6 bring to life another trackthat expands in emotive force with a raw quality.

This album doesn’t break into any new ground, and can sound very similar in a lot of places, however, it still holds a vibrant force that has a very prominent stance and engages the listener with its chunky mesmeric rhythms. Their music is a cross between the classic and modern metal, with hard core vocals, and totally aggressive rhythms with consistent tempos. The music seems effortless and no doubt practiced to a high level but doesn’t reach any goals for being truly unique, there are however a few tracks such as ‘Deep Rooted’ and ‘Casualty’ that expose darker more heavier qualities and then there is ‘Penny’ which outlines the band’s slightly diverse side. Not a bad album at all, but would like to hear something a little more ‘extreme’ to make it a true mind blowing experience.


CB6 ‘Succession’ is out now!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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