Sunday, June 23, 2024

Crow Black Chicken ‘Electric Soup’ Review

Quite frankly I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet.  It will be very hard to find an album this year that will disappoint me more than this one.  Upon reading the background and what others had said about Crow Black Chicken had left me intrigued to hear them.  After around three songs I wish I’d just gone and put on the Beano album by the Bluesbreakers.  Instead of having some interesting psychedelic fusion of blues rock what the Cork trio deliver on Electric Soup is nothing short of blues rock by numbers.  A depressing regurgitation of the same old blues riffs being churned out for the umpteenth time and the same gravely vocals layered over the top.  Again, predictably a cover of Gospel classic John The Revelator is not necessarily butchered, however there is nothing to set it apart as Crow Black Chicken’s own, something that rings true throughout the entire album.  For a band that has been called a “musical Frankenstein,” the Cork trio definitely haven’t created a monster.


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