Friday, December 1, 2023

Night Verses ‘Out Of The Sky’ Review

Having seen what was apparently Night Verses’ fourth show and being afraid of getting their EP in fear of being let down I jumped at the chance to review Out Of The Sky.  With hindsight being 20/20 I now wish I’d bought this instead of the £4.25 pint of Guinness that left me even more disheartened.  Featuring Douglas Robinson of The Sleeping, Night Verses manage to tick a variety of boxes with is record, a melodic record that whilst also being heavy isn’t loaded with screaming vocals.  Songs build up from slow beginnings into crushing riffs and then slow right down to beautifully sweet verses. Nick DePirro’s guitar work is imaculate, delivering such polar opposites, both haunting and heavy, this takes real skill.  While the line between the two is telegraphed, it in no way detracts from listening.  While some new bands come out featuring X from Y their past success or reputation can detract from what is expected of their new incarnation, Night Verses simply don’t suffer from this syndrome and manage to deliver a near flawless debut.  Out of the Sky is available from their website now on a free download, possibly one of the bargains of the Century.  While in general a free EP is obviously worth a punt, I’d possibly put this forward as my record of the year so far.

Out of the Sky by Night Verses is available for free at – go get it!


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