Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nordjevel deliver a scorching Black Metal gem

Norwegian black metallers Nordjevel usually release quality music and this blistering five-track EP of theirs, which is scheduled for release in early May, is no different and shows the variety and depth of the ugly outfit’s compositional skills. Simply put, there is more to Nordjevel and their ferocious sonic assault on the senses than meets the eye, and this sinister slice of wild and intense metal is a good example of just that.

Consisting of two exclusive tunes, a live track, a song from their upcoming full-length LP, and an effective cover rendition of Possessed’s ‘Fallen Angel‘, Fenriir might at first glance appear to be the kind of thing that would mostly appeal to fans and adherents of the group, but yours truly is of the opinion that this raw and memorable slab of massive-sounding black metal might in fact be the perfect place to start if you are curious as to what these moody fuckers have to offer.

Why is that? Well, Fenriir as a whole is a musically diverse affair that spews forth an equal number of hooks and twists, which is merely another way of stating that it is accessible and catchy while simultaneously containing a solid dose of surprises and interesting little details to warrant repeated listens. Nordjevel’s style and tone are not miles away from what acts ala Ragnarok and Nefarium dabble in, but the aura of their song material and its unnerving vibe is of their own making entirely. The highlight is undoubtedly the dynamic title track, which is an epic journey in and of itself and one that possesses a stately grandeur, but the pummeling, bleak ‘Gnawing the Bones‘ is superbly executed too and deserves much praise. In terms of strong melodies and muscular riffs, ‘Rovdyr‘ is certainly worth paying attention to also. My only complaint is that the live track, ‘Det Ror og Ror‘, lacks a huge climax and that it is neither the most fitting nor dramatic ending to an otherwise stellar EP.

Fenriir is an aggressive and inspired piece of work that is rich in atmosphere and pitch-black intensity. Nothing is reinvented here but this is a commandingly dark little opus and a highly satisfying listen. Recommended!

Fenriir will be out via Indie Recordings in May, 2021.

Nordjevel – Startside | Facebook

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Jens Nepper
Born and raised in Denmark, currently living in Norway, and hopelessly addicted to coffee and Black Sabbath.

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