Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Live Review: Dr Feelgood @ Hard Rock Hell

Legends. Icons. Heroes. These monikers are thrown around needlessly these days, but every so often, a band comes along that truly deserves them. Dr Feelgood are one of these bands. These legendary blues rock and rollers have been going for over 40 years now, and judging from their show at Hard Rock Hell on the Sunday night, they show no signs of stopping.

The band churned through all their hits, including “Milk and Alcohol”, “Down at the Doctors” and the utterly wonderful “Back in the Night”. Their performance belied their senior years, with frontman Robert Kane cutting a sharp figure on the stage, both with his black suit and rock and roll attitude. The stunning musicianship from the band was also on show, with the tight songs passing so quickly.

This was a legendary performance from a legendary band. Yes, they may be getting old, but they haven’t lost any of their fire for the music. Long may the band continue, it’s sounding great from out here.

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