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Live Review: Sylosis @ Sub89, Reading

So before I get into Sylosis’s homecoming performance in support of their new album Monolith, I feel I need to talk about Chimp Spanner.  By their own description they are “Retro Futuristic Djazz Metal”, which just screams of desperation to be different mixed with pseudo intellectual wordplay… also known as how I write most of my articles and blogs.  Part of what can only be described as a metalled up version of phone hold music, the other part a musician’s form of masturbation…  stuff that you listen to and say, “damn that’s awesome… but why has it gone on for 10 minutes?”  In essence, its music that you appreciate, that you tip your hat to and give credit for the time and the skill that’s been put in… as long as you don’t have to listen for a prolonged period of time.

Right, now for our regularly scheduled programming.  Sylosis, hometown show and album release party.  This should in theory be a recipe for absolute chaos, a sweat fest of mammoth proportions.  Instead, I’m left with a half full room of onlookers trying to gather together the atmosphere.  Sylosis fire through a mixed set of old and new, the new album Monolith being released the next day but being available to stream for the previous week meant that the new tracks are getting the same response.  Front man and guitarist Josh Middleton constantly tries to get the crowd involved, calling for circle pits at every available moment with a varying degree of success.  While there is a large space for fans to race around, it’s largely due to the self-preservation of others that are just there to stand and watch/drink.  With each song ending though, the majority of the crowd rises up with a furious cheer and throw up the inevitable horns of metal.

Problem is, this show just doesn’t feel right.  Maybe it’s the fact it’s a Sunday night fever that often plagues a show, but there is just the feeling that this could be any other show played at any other time and place for any other reason.  A hometown show for an album launch should be a night to remember for all the wrong reasons; the crowd should be staggering out in a haze of sweat-covered bodies and far too much beer.  Or maybe I just expect too much from a metal show nowadays…

Photos of the show!

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