Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Canterbury ‘Something Better’ Single Review

Canterbury have released the next single from the critically acclaimed second album Heavy In The Day prior to hitting the road on their autumn/winter tour, supporting Deaf Havana. The song, Something Better clears away all the dust and clutter, making things seem a lot cleaner and clearer . It’s a pure song about putting things into perspective. And looking forwards, not back.

Vast fatty vats of simmering sound boil beneath a sky of flavours. These explode exorbitantly around the listener. The vocals are finely crushed, vinegary and threatening. And those cleverly painted lyrics (i.e. sadness that ‘seems to bend’) feel like they coil around your gullet, threatening to squeeze the living air from your lungs.

A gathering of flying colours and streamers fills the sky. Peaks of power tilt elegantly into the ether… and it is then that we come to realize that there’s “always something better …” and it is yet to come. The highest parts of this song dot the sky with crests of fire and burning auroras. Scorching, ascending and energetically flying.

Moving relentlessly onwards.


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Neil Mach
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