Sunday, May 29, 2022

Massive Wagons Bring High-Octane Sound to New Album ‘House of Noise’

Lancaster rockers Massive Wagons have unveiled their fifth studio album, House of Noise. Full of sing-along anthems, comedic tunes, and heartfelt ballads, House of Noise is bound to give even the most ardent of air-guitarists a real work-out. This is their fifth album, and second since signing with Earache Records, the predecessor being Full Nelson back in 2018.

Massive Wagons have shown themselves over the years to be a good-spirited group of lads. Feelgood, comical, and uplifting, going back to tracks such as Billy Balloon Head from Full Nelson, Massive Wagons have shown a free-spirited and positive approach to the brand of rock music they create. It is this approach that makes House of Noise as good as it is. The title track embodies this carefree approach and is displayed in the preceding tracks In it Together and Bangin’ in Your Stereo. These upbeat rocking tracks are bound to be hits with a live crowd and will definitely inject energy into any live show. You can check out In It Together below.  

Falling into the middle to end section of the album is the fantastically hilarious, and personal highlight for me, The Curry Song, because who doesn’t like a good Indian from time to time? Witticism after witticism ensues listing the good (and not so good) encountered in your local Indian takeout in what is easily the most bizarre song off the album.

For all the talk I make of the heavy hitting tracks, this isn’t to say that Massive Wagons are a one trick pony by any means. By the end of the album the tempo has changed completely, with the high-octane, fast paced riffs exchanged for a slower more mellow tone highlighting a real adaptability in their style. The closing tracks present a more heartfelt side to the band not often shown, and the emotion behind the vocals from Barry ‘Baz’ Mills really can be felt. This is displayed perfectly on the eight-minute long ballad Matter of Time. This was an unexpected, yet perfect finale to the album.

House of Noise is definitely worth picking up for anyone who likes some good old-fashioned rock with a feel-good vibe to it.

For another fix of Massive Wagons you check the interview we did with frontman Baz recently here

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