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Mechanical Swan – Black Dawn Romance

Mechanical Swan a band that are said to combine the power of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with an orchestra and electronica. With that description this album certainly caught our eye. Here is our track-by-track review of Mechanical Swans newest release ‘Black Dawn Romance’.

No more tears to Cry

So far so good, those simple melodic keyboard notes come fluctuating into existence, this is fantastic. Clean but powerful vocals and a tempered drum beat surround a beautiful balanced sound although so far it is not metal at all, but the band can be forgiven as it is very different – saying that there is a superb guitar solo that can be classed as metal and the driving surge is phenomenal.


Sparse keys give the track that urgent feel amid a strong drum beat and bass hook that has kick.  The harmonies are great too. It possesses great balance that benefits the track tremendously. I am loving this a lot.


Beautifully executed with a swirling mesmerising sound of orchestral splendour and a haunting vocal. It offers some really outstanding build ups and even it’s more melancholic moments are intense. A very cleverly written track that offers subtlety and variation in abundance.

Tear me down

Nice driving rhythms of powerful beats and intricate synth amid a more harsh vocal showing again superb diversity. Laced with fire and passion this holds so much more.  A great melodical wash of orchestral charm with a great metal guitar, this is superbly unique.

Emerald Birdmechanical swan

An emotional start with heavier keys and a powerful rhythmic intrigue that smooths itself out into a duel vocal one of them being female but it adds to the beauty and urgency of the track. It is slightly more commercial than previous but it can’t be ignored.

If you..

A ballad with a difference as the acoustic guitar strings mould themselves around a clean vocal and the only track that doesn’t seem to hold a prominent synth sound. It is again subtle and varied with huge melodies and a fantastic guitar solo. Beautiful track indeed.

In your Room

Bubbling rhythm of synth with again a sparse key section and a velvet vocal of sumptuousness – this is so varied and interesting. A contrast of incidental noises and building drums with solid bass lines comes into the frame and literally paints pictures with words and sounds of orchestral beauty. My favourite track without a doubt! So will just rotate this one for a bit longer!

My Lonely Life

An intriguing array of synth noises incorporating a swathe of sumptuous melodic rhythms with haunting vocal ensemble.  Very reminiscent of Depeche Mode. Further on in the track it becomes more urgent as the run up to its final crescendos embark on orchestral wonders finishing the way it started with an array of synth noises – another brilliant track.

Black Dawn

Crazy jangled synth sounds with a stark flavour of passion. Ambience by the bucket load, its rhythms and beats encompass you with feverish qualities. A harsher vocal pushes forth but the track does not lose its amazing orchestral oomph and houses vehement power in its diversity very pleasing to the ears.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this is one of the most interesting, varied and diverse albums I have heard in a long time. It offers passion and emotion from every note in its well-tuned body. The urgency is extreme and begs you to listen.  Although there are influences of Depeche Mode this does not take away from its beauty but gives it a guide line. It contains melancholic moments steeped in a huge orchestral range of balanced harmonies and amazing metal guitar solos – I have loved every minute of this album and no doubt will be giving it a few more spins, but this is a really powerful blend of music and really needs your attention.

In a nutshell this album is like the listener taking a stroll around a green and luscious countryside in the height of summer as opposed to a dirty, polluted city in the depths of winter!

It probably won’t appeal to the all-out metal head unless they are broad minded but to a die hard rock fan this will most definitely appeal.  It does have its commercial stance however, it is redeemed because of the huge diversity contained in each of their well thought out and creative tracks. Amazing album!

Black Dawn Romance is out now via Bakerteam Records. 


Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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