Saturday, December 4, 2021

Motorhead – Aftershock

Firstly i’d like to point out that i’m a big fan of Motorhead, the influencers, the leaders, the creaters, the pioneers. My claim to fame is being spat on by Lemmy at a london gig many many years ago and that stays with me to the grave.  Ace of Spades, Snaggletooth, Philthy Animal, Fast Eddie, Cowboy hats, Power Chords, things that all excite you about Motorhead.  Secondly i’d like to explain the reasons why Motorheads latest album, Aftershock, to me isnt the most inspiring album i’ve heard motorhead produce.

Upon obtaining a copy, instatntly for me artwork is important.  I’m not a huge fan of buying digital, i need a cd cover or vinyl cover in my hand, to admire artwork and the effort put into it to create it, it sets a tone for the band, gives them a theme.  The cover is outstanding, most would say typical but it’s simple and its metal.  Now this is where i start to have my problems.  Motorhead in my opinion are a rock n roll band, rock n roll through and through, perhaps years ago they fell into a ‘metal’ bracket but in latter times they ooze rock n roll and they play bloody well brilliantly.  They personify rock n roll, its what rock n roll is about, a carefree lead vocalist with history and presence about them, a certain menage a tois as del boy would say and two outstanding musical wingmen in Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee.

The first track on Aftershock; Heartbreaker kicks off really well.  Its a typical Motorhead sound, screaming guitar and a deep, throbbing bass line with Mikkey keeping perfect time whilst smashing the backside off the cymbals.  However this keeps the theme of the album.  Coup De Grace, fast paced typical Motorhead sound, screaming guitar and a deep throbbing bass line with Mikey keeping perfect time whilst smashing the back side off the cymbals.  End of Time, fast paced typical Motorhead sound…. Death Machine, Queen of the Damned, Knife, Paralyzed, fast paced typical Motorhead sounds…. do you kind of get my drift on this??  Now there are a couple of tracks on this album which do stand out and they stand out on reasons of composition and passion and not on the basis of gruff Lemmy vocals.  Two blues based tracks, Lost Woman Blues and Dust and Glass are admirably played.  You could imagine these being jam session tracks, sat in a smokey studio, bottle of Jack next to your feet, Rickenbacker with a cigarette wedged in the head strings, foot tapping passion beating along with a string bending chorus.
From the numerous films and ‘rock’umentories i’ve watched regarding Lemmy and Motorhead these  two tracks seem to come from the heart and are not expected i suppose on an album like this.

I must state this album is by no means rubbish or badly produced or the worst of the worst, it really isn’t and i enjoyed listening to every track but after some 20 odd albums over a very long and prosperous career i’d love to hear something perhaps…… different.  I love rock n roll, i love metal and i love Motorhead but inspirationally i could pick up one of a plethora of Motorhead albums and pretty much hear the same.  By all means go out and buy this if you want to hear Motorhead still at their peak but if you’re expecting anything more i’m afraid you may be a little disappointed, i was.


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