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Review: Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit

Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters I’ll admit, I had zero knowledge of before being sent the album to review, and going on the name alone I wasn’t completely sold. Naively on the name alone, I pigeon holed them into the female lead, hard rock genre. As it turned out, I wasn’t far wrong, to my delight though, it wasn’t styled on anything new.

From the start of the ten track album Bad Habit, you are welcomed with the sounds of classic rock and roll. Classic, catchy riffs, a straight up sound without needless gimmicks, and choruses written for crowd participation. ‘Hell Yeah’, ‘Bad Habit’ and ‘Beautiful Disease’ are our openers, all playing in a similar, well paced and full of dirt.

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters Bad Habit
Photo by Steve Upham.

Beth Blades powerfully driven voice fits well with the sound of the band, often with great moments of soaring and being raspy, handling that along with guitar duties is a great combo, and by ‘Down and Dirty’ you get the best of it all. Hitting the midpoint of the album brings the mellow side of the band out, it was only a matter of time and it is great to see they can write just as powerful songs without the need to constantly have the volume at 11, ‘Poster Girl for Pain’ is a perfect example of the control the band has.

The second half of the album brings us back with the styling it opened with, you could be mistaking for thinking the band has been about for a decade or two, and I personally love that. Closing out with ‘Legends Never Die’, fitting with their sound. A celebration of growing up young and carving out our lives in the classic rock style, Big Marshall stacks, Lipstick and Leather. I imagine that pretty much sums Beth Blade herself up, and those Beautiful Disasters certainly know how to play like those legends that will never die. A female lead, hard rock band indeed, but thankfully nothing generic about them at all.

Ash Crowson
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