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Review: Blues Pills – Blues Pills Live

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys music festivals you are bound to associate these times with sunshine, memorable instances, your favorite kind of music and just generally having a good time. Blues Pills are a band that literally ooze this kind of vibe. Their music, a mixture of rock heavy with a bluesy 60’s/70’s vibe will most certainly go down with anyone who has both traditional and new age tastes when it comes to their music. There is something for everyone.
blues pills
This performance comes across to the listener as very personal and like a journey. You would expect to get this kind of feel good vibe at a Pearl Jam or Jimmy Hendrix Experience show, there is delicately that vibe of awe to the performance. The opening track ‘High Class Woman begins with a warm exciting build up. Elin Larsson’s voice is rich and soulful, this band have clearly worked hard at what they do as the performance by all members throughout is seamless.
This is a band that will surprise, they tend to go from build up to searing sections of heavy psychedelia infused euphoria in the majority of their material, the listener won’t get bored. Lets face it this type of music is hard to recreate, the vibe is one that rarely exists in the mountain of bands that exist today but Blues Pill encapsulate the vibe of the era this music came out of with brilliance. If you’re at the beach or enjoying the outdoors in some fashion this year, make sure you have Blues Pills blasting out of your speakers! For fans of Siena Root and Led Zeppelin.
Andy McMahon
Andy McMahon
Guitarist, music nerd and wannabe music journalist. Obsessor of all avant guard music including prog and tech rock/ metal, doom, stoner and post rock.

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