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Review: Crawl – This Sad Cadav’r

Texas sludge/noise metal group Crawl bring us their latest opus, This Sad Cadv’r.

This Sad Cadav’r is made up of three tracks, each simply titled ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’. Maybe because it doesn’t need to go any further –  the songs easily speak for themselves.

This EP is dark, dank and depraved. It is roughly 30 minutes of heavy, slow, sludgy noise that oozes a gorgeous, dreary, torture dungeon sound.

‘I’ teases you with an intriguing opening piece before quite suddenly throwing angry, sluggish strums of guitar at us coated in satisfying, dim distortion with uncomfortable vocals surrounding the sound. It’s over too quickly before we’re treated to more ambient, atmospheric interlude.

‘II’ brings in a more ‘metal’ aspect to the music with unrelenting, crashing drums over the top of this distinctive doom sound. The song resembles being unable to breath – briefly choking up before spluttering dark, ambient bile all over again.

‘III’ breaks mould a little by giving us some spoken word but this only adds to the build-up for the noise to follow. At an even slower pace than before this EP finishes on a melting pot of inhuman retching and thundering, dragging riffs.

Crawl have brought us a short but marvellous, and strangely accessible, piece of dark, ambient doom metal. This music is truly despondent from start to finish and will hook into new fans with ease. This Sad Cadav’r is due for release September 1st via Black Bow Records.

Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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