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Melvins - Houdini

RAMzine Classics: Melvins – Houdini

Not only are Melvins a criminally overlooked band in most senses but they also have some of the most underrated albums that have not only helped define genres but wildly experiment with them as well.  The album under the microscope here is the quintessential Houdini, released in September of 1993. Houdini is the fifth studio album in what is now a long line of releases as ...

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Elephant Tree – Habits

Elephant Tree might have slipped under the radar for many in the 7 or so years they’ve been active, but for the rest of us, they are firmly on the map. It feels an age since their sophomore release when it has only been a couple of years, but here it is, their third album, and much like the album ...

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Weed Demon are ready to stamp you out with Crater Maker

Columbus, Ohio based Sludge and Stoner Doom dealers Weed Demon have released their sophomore album, ‘”Crater Maker” a six-track release that follows up 2017’s debut effort Astrological Passages. It has to be admitted that on the first play through the opening two tracks, both instrumentals, ‘Atmospheric Drag’ and ‘Birthquake’ didn’t immediately grab my attention, they are a little drawn out ...

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Casting A Spell Of Opulent Decay

Hailing from Vancouver, Spell are a rock band on a mission; after their debut titled, Full Moon Sessions which released in 2014 and 2017’s follow up For None And All, Spell has matured into a band of skill, passion and melody wrapped up in an occasionally Sabbath heaviness matched by the psychedelic overtones of, say, Uriah Heep. Their latest release, Opulent ...

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Age of the Wolf

Age of The Wolf turn up the fuzz on ‘Ouroboric Trances’

Costa Rica’s Age of the Wolf look set to unleash a barrage of their patented fuzz coated, stoner doom that crashes head first into sludge with their new release, Ouroboric Trances, set for release May 17th through Aural Music. Ouroboric Trances is the bands first full-length release and follows their self titled EP which was nominated for Best Hard Rock Release ...

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Finnish doom trio Asphodelus release Stygian Dreams

Asphodelus in their own words create “death doom for the lost souls”. They harbour clear influences from heavyweights such as Katatonia and My Dying Bride, whilst drawing inspiration from the gloom and darkness of British death/doom, the macabre and mysterious history of an ancient Greek cult and the “masennus” or depression of 90’s Finnish death metal. Despite pulling from such ...

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Bast – Nanoangstrom

Slow and heavy, Bast are a band that have entered their tenth year of existence this year and through that time, they have crafted themselves a name with an unnerving sound of blackened doom that has landed them slots on festival lineups and one off support slots with plenty of bands that have caused a stir in their genres. Following ...

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Interview: Dan Nightingale and Conor Marshall of Conjurer

There’re some sounds that feel like they’ve been in slumber for thousands of years, that are only now starting to stir; biding its time until the hour of reprisal draws near as it slowly claws from the dirt. Conjurer have unearthed a monstrosity in all its gruesome glory that they’ve titled Mire. A tapestry of filth it’s nothing short of ...

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Witchcryer – Cry Witch

Female led bands are nothing new, however the number of those bands, the quality, and the talent of those that do exist seem to be on the rise and rise. No sub-genre seems to do the job better than in doom, a bit of a double edged sword however, with such a high pedigree of skill in this sub-genre, you ...

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Poseidon – Prologue

Poseidon; Proper noun, Greek mythology, the God of the sea, water, earthquakes, and horses, son of Cronus and Rhea and brother of Zeus. He is often depicted with a trident in hand. Any band willing to take on a name with that describes such a thing really needs to be something huge and special. Thankfully, these guys are. Their debut ...

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