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Review: Desertfest 2016 split EP, Monster Magnet/Raging Speedhorn

The phenomenal Desertfest that resides in Camden, London once a year (and now for those lucky Europeans, Berlin, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium) seem to have found themselves filthy habit of creating a split 7” vinyl EPs in extremely limited numbers. Using only what they consider to be some of the most deserving and exciting of bands, this year is no different. With the added bonus for the first 50 buyers of an awesome desertfest designed beer mat, and when thinking of the drinking fans of desertfest, it is most definitely a welcome and usable freebie.

This year see’s one of the outright monsters of the stoner scene Monter Magnet share a track on the EP with Corby’s finest sludgy noise makers, Raging Speedhorn and although there is almost nothing new to be heard, it is a treat to behold (and if you haven’t heard these tracks before, where on earth have you been living?!)

First up, those alcohol swilling machines from Corby, Raging Speedhorn, for those that missed it, 2014 saw the return of the juggernauts, and along with a few special shows including Novembers greatest one dayer Damnation Festival, the guys soon wrote, recorded and released a new track in 2015 in limited 7” vinyl format, ‘Halfway to Hell’. Those that missed that the first time round haven’t much to fear thankfully, as that is what graces your ears upon first listening of this Desertfest EP. As though the years they had gone away for didn’t exist, this smashes your eardrums apart in typical style. Opening up almost uncomfortably loud, the unforgiving dual vocals tear you a new one. With small nods to past time era’s with twin guitar assaults, the dirtiest of breakdowns, this is one you cannot help but headbang along with, this is a band made for the stage so be sure to get a ticket and get down to Desertfest to catch these guys.

Out the block soon after come those monsters of the stoner world, Monster Magnet, and with them comes the opening track of their awesome 2010 release ‘Mastermind‘. Instantly you are reminded of the raw power of the band, and just like the title suggest, it drops like a bomb too. ‘Hallucination Bomb‘. The bludgeoning bass kicks off slow, hard and full of doom, before the rest following suit. The vocals of Dave Wyndorf soaring in his psychedelic style he is profound for, before slowly breaking into an even more rocking riff halfway through leading up to the anthemic sounding solo breaks. Big, heavy, explosive and most surely a reminder of just exactly how good the New Jersey guys have always been.

Ash Crowson
Ash Crowsonhttp://www.acrowsonphotography.co.uk
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