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Review: Foul Body Autopsy – Perpetuated by Greed

Armed with an ipod, Guitar and a desire to crush skulls Foul Body Autopsy is a one man band from Leicester City founded by metal maverick Tom Reynolds. Over the space of 4 years Tom has released a full length album and is now working with Equivalence Music Management Team & Grind Scene Records planning for a full metal tirade in the UK!


‘Perpetuated by Greed’ – Starts with a sampled voice and some edgy beats, wiry sounds and striking rhythms. Erupting with vengeance it goes off on a rampage. The energy simply exudes from its mighty structure and a great way to open the EP.

‘Enslaved the Rest of Creation‘ – Another tempestuous brawl can be experienced here as it gathers momentum and speeds through its melodramatic venture with ease but like most grind is never very long.

‘Chewed up by the Machine’ – The melodic swipes are prevalent and swamp the ears with a certain climatic beauty. The beats are enjoyable and allows the listener to nestle down buckle up and enjoy the ride, although again it is just a short track which is a shame as there is a lot attached to this track.

Foul Body Autopsy ‘Destabilised Perception’ – Boldly sweeping into the limelight this track holds all the spice that makes it lip smacking. It hurtles through its paces leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The vocals pulsing with phenomenal energy, its breed is impressive and impacting.

‘Devoid of Humanity’ – There seems to be a sharp intake of breath at the beginning of this track – hardly surprising as what it inflicts on the ears is sensational, but just a lick all the same. Again there could be a lot more added to this track allowing the listener a chance to nestle into its volatile creativity.

‘Complete Environmental Collapse’ – The diverse track has been left until the end. This one is slow and ambling with plenty ambiance as it swaggers heavily under its own weight. It stalks with deliberate prowess and then familiarity appears, it then takes off with a fast and punchy aggressiveness.

I have heard of Foul Body Autopsy so I did have an idea of what my ears would be up against. Crazy to think like a lot of other grind bands that one man is behind the helm and steering his creative ability to the forefront.

Tom Reynolds has certainly put a lot of effort into making this an EP to be reckoned with. The name Foul Body Autopsy puts it safely in its genre under lock and key, but it is a genre where anything gruesome and grisly can be explored to the full.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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