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Review: Fumigation / The Path to R’lyeh – Invasion



  1. Arachnophobia
  2. Forced Vaginal Harbourage
  3. Earwigs & Earwax
  4. A Beard Full of Maggots


  1. Dream Eater
  2. The Book Made of Human Skin
  3. Extra-Terrestrial Abomination
  4. Y’ha-ntlei’s Awakening



Already there is that anticipation building and intensifying ready to make your brain explode although this sounds quite experimental than death metal at least at the start, however, it soon twists into huge strides of beautiful death metal as the track unfolds Arachnophobia is just as nasty as it sounds.

‘Forced Vaginal Harbourage’ where on earth do they get these titles from? Beats me, however, it wouldn’t be death metal if the titles were ‘normal’ would it? I mean who wants nicey, nicey, when you can have a bit of forced vaginal harbourage? Quite a potent track all being said.

‘Earwigs & Earwax’ – who would have thought it? A sample with regard to pest control to be washed down with an incredible growling roar that is just as sick as its gory title. Sometimes it is good you can’t hear the lyrics especially when you have a very weak stomach!

‘A Beard Full of Maggots’ the thought is none too pleasing, however, the music manages to produce a wry smile and a bit of head banging! It is matched with a colossal riff and powerful blast beats that impose a vicious threat while captivating and intoxicating – Beards are awesome.


The Path to R’Lyeh

‘Dream Eater’ begins with a certain pounding alerting you to its mean and caustic side and swings the axe towards your skull in the hope of crushing it with molten death metal. Tempered by a web of intriguing dynamics it certainly isn’t afraid to bite viciously and with utter venom.

‘The Book Made of Human Skin’ holds a lot of captivation that is withheld in its outstretched arms and seems to coil around your whole body and smother you with tendrils of pure woven intensity. The vocals hammer home with wind tunnel madness and high pitched screeches pushing its boundaries.

‘Extra-Terrestrial Abomination’ and here’s me thinking ET was cute! However, this ET is probably not on the same par as our little ET judging by the vocal entourage of squealing power that has hidden depths. Challenging and stirring this is one mean track that won’t diffuse aggression, but fuel it.

‘Y’ha-ntlei’s Awakening’ – no idea what this track is all about. I thought in Canada one spoke English, however, exceptions can be made where death metal is concerned and this track again peaks the interest levels with flirtatious groove and melodic rancour. The essences melt together and form a pleasing listen.

Fumigation & the Path to R’lyeh’s Invasion is out via CDN Records on 28th April 2017.



Mat Desjardins – Drums

Jay Donnelly – Vocals

Tom Hansen – Guitar

Chris Humeniuk – Bass

Matt MacIvor – Guitar


Alain Cloutier – Guitar

Milann Vaidya – Drum

Yan Chatel – Vocal

Jonathan Lattimore Desabrais – Guitar

Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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