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Review: Ghost Iris – Blind World

With its large strides of djent pulverising your ears along with a raucous vocal edge that is ripe for hand banging, Blind World is sounding absolutely superb. It is a great concoction of metalcore and djent with progressive slurs in there too.

‘Gods of Neglect’ is certainly a powerful track that constitutes bedlam of the highest degree. ‘Save Yourself’ swoops in and lifts your feet from the ground with riotous endeavour. The compelling dual vocals really bring the track alive. ‘The Flower of Life’ is not a gentle track considering its title, the opposite in fact as it showers its infectiousness down on unsuspecting ears and allows you to fully engage in its djent jazziness. ‘Pinnacle’ however, gives a slight respite from the cruel harshness of the previous tracks although the riffs are highly agitated. The melodies are perfection along with the clean and dirty vocal emotion that work wondrously well together.

‘No Way Out’ bolsters more of the same brutal savagery be it in djent form and low dirty growls that make your head spin! Its virulence is prominent but the track itself is quite a varied one. ‘Blind World’ slightly shifts itself into another realm with acoustic guitar and sampled voice and such an unexpected find that leaves me in no doubt that this Danish band have many strings to their bow.

‘Time Will Tell’ nestles back into its comfort zone and splatters your brains across the walls with their djent flavours and irresistible flair, although this has a lot more clean singing involved. The Silhouette’ is a shadowy dream-like number that proudly shows off its progressive side and then suddenly facing you with its metalcore side. The many facets of this band are amazing, and I bet they bring the house down at a live show. ‘After the Sun Sets’ begins with a sample of someone getting in a car and starting the engine and then the track begins with its powerful endeavours, skilfully woven into their fabric their evolving drama that one can’t help but find an adventure as each track unfolds. ‘Detached’ is a really heavy jaunt into oblivion with short choppy riffs that send you into outer space and leave you salivating for more.

Another combination that works tremendously well is djent, prog and metalcore – it is so very powerful it could easy be mistaken for a nuclear event – Love it!

Ghost Iris Blind World is out via Longbranch SPV on 17th February 2017.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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