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Review: Godsized – Heavy lies the Crown

The band has played hundreds of shows in countless countries across Europe and supported many of their heroes (Black Label Society, Life of Agony, My Ruin, Monster Magnet, Saxon and more). They have a loyal fan base, a tank full of gas and a record that will sell tickets. Godsized are set to tour throughout 2015. Details to follow…

It’s time for rock and roll to forget about hashtags, selfies and followers. It’s time for rock and roll to be about great music. Godsized are setting the new standard. Heavy Lies the Crown!

Thanks to pledgers Godsized have now been able to release their new and exciting album ‘Heavy Lies the Crown’. Here is our track-by-track review:

Welcome to Hell

This is a beautiful melodic encounter that gives you that sharp intake of breath moment as the thunderous beats rain down in succession. It then proceeds to blister in rampageous style! Although the vocal offering doesn’t seem to live up to the vehemence of the music.

Saving you

The seeds are sown and Godsized offer another brutish track that seethes under the weight of its own making. The bass hooks are superb as they weave their intentions into the proceedings.

Push against the Tide

Giving drummer Dan Kavanagh a chance to shine this track is a sprawl of beats that melt into a rapturous riffing haze. It captures a certain essence that is all out serious ‘rock’ and means business make no mistake! This anthemic!

Never a better time

Emerging as another vibrant and lively endeavour – it hosts a melodic flavour that ignites into a catchy and potent lure and engages on all levels. The vocals by frontman Glen Korner hits all the top notes and swaggers with eager intent.

Web of Lies

This is another twisting track that boasts plenty of eager atmospheric bruising. Chocker with rhythm and anthemic impact it simply surges feistily on its creative journey with its doom laden feel.


Is a much more even tempo that has a bluesy rhythm attached to it, however it still packs a punch without being over-zealous. The guitar work is seriously phenomenal.

Forgotten Friend

Fast nimble fingers simply fly over the frets while the beats are matched with steady strength. The vocal lilting is unusual and adds an interesting depth to the proceedings.

Do you see what I see?

Rhythmically balanced producing a tempered track that is full-bodied and bristles with exhilarating promise. It is a ballad but with much more injected into it.

Godsized are NOT just simply a ‘rock band’ like their genre suggests, but offer a more gutsy level of listening that cannot be ignored!


Stone Cold Blow

Brooding feverishly its breath is hearty and fuel injected with well-rounded rhythms and addictive beats that melt the ears – again this tends to be very anthemic and dramatic!

Out of Fear

Telling its own story this track simply ignites into a fast paced sizzler that is uncompromising and sturdy, its rhythmical journey, embraces with great lyrics and a salacious tenacity. Addictive and magnetic it is a sure-fire winning track.

Pay your Debt

This one festers under an atmospheric glaze of strings and strong beats. It strides boldly and with sheer contempt. The melodic slices of ambient riffs and balanced vocal hits without compromise and lures you into its twisting structures with pleasurable endeavour.

Godsized is not the name I would have chosen for a rock band as it gives off the impression of something a lot more sinister and along the lines of maybe a black metal band, however Godsized have without a doubt pulled this off and produced such an amazing album.

Each track despite the first (being vocally weaker than the music) the album boldly strikes with eager rhythms that cascades through its paces and has infinite spirit, carrying its creative lures to the forefront and offering a rich and gratifying listen.

It holds plenty of alluring riffs and meaty sized chunks of rhythm that capture with aggressive savagery but also has the milder tones and beautiful stringed arrangements that simply kiss the senses.

Not only that but it too hosts atmospheric compositions with unyielding enthusiasm. Godsized are NOT just simply a ‘rock band’ like their genre suggests, but offer a more gutsy level of listening that cannot be ignored.

Godsized ‘Heavy lies the Crown’ is out now via Metalville Records.

Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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