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Review: Killus – Ultrazombies

I don’t know about you but for me the word ‘electronica’ fills me with excitement! You can feel the tension as you listen and a whole new world comes to light.

That heavy pumping rhythm, lurches forward, possessing the soul in such a way it can’t be ignored. Add in harsh vocal, you know the one that singes the ears leaving them bleeding, for me is pleasure.

Killus have bags of appeal that just oozes out of their tracks with never ending proposition. Grabbing the bull by the horns and launching into a tirade of magnetic rhythms that truly captivates.

Starting with a sample that quickly turns into ‘Ultrazombies’, the world turns into a rich landscape of harsh electronica and never stops, but Killus have adopted a brutal regime that keeps on brutalising as ‘Welcome to my Madness’ plunges you into a free for all, it’s every man for himself.


‘White Lines’ has an urgency attached to it, releasing a purely antagonistic flair to the proceedings along with a very hard core melodic haze, flanked by a strong catchy rhythm. ‘The Witches Pact’ starts off slower and more deliberate, growling with unabated captivation, seething under its own weight with devilish drum beats and jangling keyboards. ‘Satanchia’ holds a stunted rhythm that jerks into a rampaging madness – it’s really disturbing! ‘Motherfuckingstein’ is a mad mix of sounds that drape a sharp keyboard rhythm and hard vocal encounter in your face. To show diversity they attach a sneaky whispering vocal, lulling you into a false sense of security.

‘Mr Jack’ Goes back to that sneakiness of sound, changing quickly, morphing into a bubbling nastiness. The solid rhythms literally buckle under the bruising of rapturous riffs. ‘The Last Passenger’ introduces amazing sounds as they rip you a new one with equal vigour!

‘Crazy Trip on the Road’ holds some crazy keyboard notes that in true Killus style get de-railed by the pure madness of a thunderous beat that is so catchy there’s no return! ‘Know Your Enemy’ possessing a rampant torrent of abuse to the aural, it scorns its victims with pure malice. ‘3 Seconds’ is simply inspirational, gathering momentum, breathing its scornful poison directly into a vein.

‘The Ghost Under My Bed’ reaching out quite timidly compared to the last twelve tracks, giving off angst that surfaces slowly. Capturing that ghostly element terrifically well, with haunting melodic keyboard and gravelly vocal edge.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Helhttp://paganhelreviews.blogspot.co.uk/
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