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Review: My Iron Lung – Relief

My Iron Lung – a four piece melodic hardcore punk band, who hail from San Diego. Here they are releasing their second album ‘Relief’ following up from their first EP ‘Grief‘ back in 2013.

Straight off the bat, the album kicks off with a track known as ‘Commonwealth’. Within the first 30 seconds you get an idea of their influences such as La Dispute.

From the first track I know that this album is going to have me hooked! There will be the type of song’s that stick with you. It will stay in your head for days. At first this will be fun, but then it will get to the point where your day won’t be complete until you listen to whatever section has you hooked. It’s that sorta catchy. For me this song is ‘Day Dream’. The musical interlude and the vocal melodies wouldn’t leave me alone. The background vocals providing a very ambient touch to the rough vocals and the catchy guitar patterns. It isn’t repetitive which is what makes it a very intriguing piece of music.

The band seem to have a very strong bond with each other as some of the songs involve a variety of song structures which only can be pulled off by the tightest of bands. I just hope they can pull it off live and I shall be looking out for this.

The only problem I have with this band for now is that it can be difficult to find them due to the Radiohead affiliation. However I can promise readers now, in no time at all My Iron Lung will be the top of each search knocking Radiohead down a peg.

You have my word, My Iron Lung will be a name a lot of us will become to know a lot more. If you’re not a fan of bands like La Dispute don’t feel this instantly isn’t for you. Within this album My Iron Lung ensure they host a number of differentiations to keep any listener keen.


‘Relief’ is out now via Pure Noise Records.

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