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Review: Vault 51 – Kid

Vault 51 are a self-described “post-hardcore” rock quintet who hail from Atlanta, Georgia. After several years of hard work their debut EP Kid is set for release on July 20th and boy, has it been worth the wait. Kid is a true reflection of what blood, sweat and tears can create when mixed with a shed load of determination and rock inspired talent.

Kid is a pure adrenaline shot of alternative rock greatness. The EP scratches the itch for fans of early noughties nu metal bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Quite without knowing it, it seems that this is a particular itch I have been longing to scratch for years.

As soon as the album opens with the ticking clock of the sublime track ‘Thirty Six’ it becomes apparent this is a band who mean business. ‘Thirty Six’ is the lead single from Kid and it is easy to see why. This song is a monster and needs to be heard (seriously go listen, it’s worth it). The guitars create thick walls of sound, the drums hit like a sledgehammer of nu metal nostalgia and the mild use of synth all culminate in a genuine alternative rock masterclass.

Tracks such as ‘We Don’t Care’ and ‘Wildfire’ are pure alternative rock greatness. The vocals switch effortlessly between screams and cleans and the range of both vocal styles on display here is truly staggering. The vocals are emotive, relatable and tackle themes of love, loss and desperation whilst also adding their own signature style of alternative aggression to add an extra layer of depth into the mix.

‘Mourning View’ is the most diverse track on Kid and is easily the song with the most emotion on display. The song is hauntingly beautiful and the slow guitar, slow drum beat and piano backdrop all suit the stripped back, brutally honest vocals on display here. You can almost feel the heaviness dripping from this track and although this is the tamest effort on the EP, it also has the greatest impact. The track wears it heart on its sleeve and demands to be replayed.

The EP ends with ‘Sincerely Me’ which is an aggressive, uncompromising beast. The vocals are snarling and speedy right from the get go, with heavy guitar riffs and crashing drum beats all working double time to keep up. The track is one of the heavier displays from Kid and is a great swan song for the EP.

Overall Kid is an excellent debut and marks the first steps on Vault 51’s journey. Where their path will go from here we aren’t quite sure. However, the amazing Kid will ensure there are plenty of fans who will follow them wherever Vault 51 choose to go next.

Stuart Brenton
Stuart Brenton
I am a west yorkshire based rock lover. I first fell in love with rock music at the age of 7 when my uncle played me Dookie in its entirety. It blew my tiny mind. Music is my passion and the heavier the better. I love to write about music and can usually be found at gigs around the Leeds area.

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  1. Stuart Brenton, fantastic review. Great read and couldn’t believe it as I read you’re from Leeds! My son is one of the guitarist/ vocalists in Vault51 and is also from Leeds!!!
    Small world indeed.
    Hoe to hell this EP is the start of great things for them. Love the songs and I’m sure they’ll be sick to watch live!!

  2. Wow! Great review! Thanks Stuart! I too am a parent of Landon, one of the lead vocalists for Vault 51! They have worked so hard on this debut EP! So very excited for them and the new release and can’t wait to hear it in it’s entirety!

  3. Hi Vicki & Mark!

    Thank you so much for the kind words on my review. The EP was a blast to listen to and I loved every second of it! Your kids are MEGA talented!

    When they play live in Leeds in the future I’ll be sure to check it out!

    Thanks again, Stuart!


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