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Review: Witch of Waste – Made of Teeth

Upon first listen you might bypass Witch of Waste as one of the many technical hardcore bands that add buoyancy to a colorful yet largely under appreciated scene, well in that case you are in for a surprise. This band is disgusting, their use of dirty chords, wall of sound level filth and searing brutality is bound to surprise even the seasoned listener of this sub-genre. With elements of black metal, hardcore, tech metal and a sizable handful of insanity they have basically everything you need if you like your music insane!

The Made of Teeth EP is short but as long as it needs to be to get the point across. The drumming is psychotic, the guitars and vocals tortured and the bass prominent which is an added bonus in any metal record. This is a band to watch out for as their music is fresh and inspirational for anyone that likes it. You can really get a feel of where they draw influence yet at the same time they are very much their own thing. Breakdowns are surpassed by high intensity riffage and craziness and the chops are unique. There is even space for drawn out mid sections (guitarists will be jealous). This band continuing on their current path will be unstoppable. The production of the record itself is very true to the genre, fuzzy, not overly produced, grindy, dirty and epic all at the same time. If you want something fresh and totally mental to listen to check these guys out.
Andy McMahon
Andy McMahon
Guitarist, music nerd and wannabe music journalist. Obsessor of all avant guard music including prog and tech rock/ metal, doom, stoner and post rock.

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