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Such Gold ‘Misadventures’ Album Review

Listening to Such Gold is like listening to one of those bands you’ve heard on skate games when you were a kid but can never find again. The vamped up pop-punk is energetic and exciting, with the hardcore vocals blasting out. Track after track, it’s full of speedy drums, catchy riffs and great music.

‘Misadventures’ is the first full-length album from the New York boys, and oh boy, does it do the band justice! It’s actually weird and slightly confusing how this is the first full release. Surely a band this good must have done more? Well, if this is the beginning, it’s super exciting to see what’s coming up next. Having just toured with Funeral For A Friend, the band have given the UK a huge kick in the face, letting them know who they are. If the record is anything to go by, the live set must be a mosh-pit thriving, arm throwing, manic driven belter.

The only downside is the lack of ‘stand out’ track, however, each track is flourishing and just as good as previous. Opening track ‘Two Year Plan’ does a fantastic job at opening the band up and showing the world exactly what they do. Carrying on down the list of great tracks, ‘Understand And Forget’ starts with a fun little bassline before smashing out into distorted guitars and ripping vocals. From ‘Another Line’ to ‘Storyteller’, it’s all powerful and snappy.

The mix of pop, punk and hardcore is spot on; a cocktail made of perfect quantities of each genre. It’s got the catchy chorus’s and riffs, the rugged edge and greatly set vocals that are just scraping on the edges of roughness.

As if it hasn’t been made obvious enough, yes this album is great and yes you should buy it now! Go go go!


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