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We Came As Romans – Tracing Back Roots

Inspirational Detroit metalcore outlet We Came As Romans  are set to man the battlefields once again with the release of their 3rd studio album titled ‘Tracing Back Roots‘. The album features some noticeable changes to the bands structure. However its still business as usual with the first track named after the title of the album ‘Tracing Back Roots’. Erupting at the very start with front man and screamer Dave Stephens vocals making you take attention before the track joins into a breakdown. Then fast and creative guitar rifts which are bound to get you moving and hyped up, serving the purpose for an opening track brilliantly. Its not hard to figure out why the band choose this song to be the first released single – the WCAR_DouglasSonders2013_H_websong even has some very beautiful and inspiration lyrics at the end, from clean vocalist Kyle Pavone:

“My home is in the words you sing, every letter of the notes you breathe, every story you tell of feeling alive, when you hear these words they may change your life, you change your mind, the way you think, these words last forever on your skin and ink, my home is in your heart.”

The band also take the opportunity to try something different with tracks ‘Fade Away’ and ‘I Survive’ which feature more of a rock Ballard feel to them. The tracks feature clean vocals from both Kyle and Dave which could create a love/hate element to them, however overall both tracks have a rightful place on the album and and the beats are so different to what we have heard before. Tracks ‘Ghosts’, ‘Present Future’ and ‘Past’ kick in and the energy steps up a level, showcasing the full talents of the band. A lot of work and though has gone into this album as it seems to have the right balance between the heavy energetic style that got the band where they are today and the experimental new sound.

A main notable track is ‘Hope’ which some fans will recognise from the release of the bands second album ‘Understanding What We’d Grown To Be’. One of the things that really shows in this album is the usage of Kyle’s Vocals more frequently. They are used throughout most songs instead of just short choruses. Like before this is a great idea as Kyle does have a big vocal range as well as a noticeable change in the new vocal style of Dave Stephens who seems to have no trouble throwing his hand in the fray at both styles tumblr_mo8xsk0Pxa1qa5lq4o1_500delivering fierce screams and forceful clean vocals this is shown on  ‘Tell Me Now’,’ A Moment’, and  ‘I Am Free’ (which features a great pairing of both vocalists Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone).

Its quite clear that We Came As Romans put their heart and soul into everything they produce and this album is no different. The band have a noticeable connection with their fans and have a talent to be able to produce inspiration masterpieces in their albums. ‘Tracing Back Roots ‘is a prime example of what this band is about, with the track covering all the bases providing an excellent balance between their loved style and the new experimental softer style, showcasing the surprising clean vocal talents of Dave Stephens. This may be something that other bands struggle to produce but We Came As Romans seem to do this at ease with every release. With such a great sound, and meaningful lyrics its no secret why they have and continue to be so successful.

We Came As Romans release new album ‘Tracing Back Roots’ on July 22nd via Nuclear Blast Records.


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