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A Tale of Two Cities ‘New Horizons’ EP Review

Words cannot describe ‘New Horizons’ – the latest EP from A Tale of Two Cities. It has phenomenal guitar harmonies that flow over poetic vocals that the core fan base of melodic rock will love and an attitude not to mess with. ‘New Horizons’ opens up with the masterful ‘Four Words’, a track that lays the foundation to the brilliance ...

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AxeWound Interview

AxeWound  is one ‘super group’ that has appeared out of nowhere. Consisting of Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine, Liam Cormier from Cancer Bats, Mikey Kingswood from Glamour Of The Kill, Joe Copcutt of Rise To Remain, and Jason Bowld of Pitchshifter, their latest relase – ‘Vultures’ – is a guaranteed 10 tracks worth of blissful destruction. We managed to ...

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Wanderer ‘Into the Abyss’ Album Review

From the deep depths of nowhere, Wanderer has been re-released from its 2005 release to capture the ‘rare recording of dark and atmospheric black metal’, that was ruined in the original pressing of the album. Although upon listening, it’s safe to say that it may have well just have been left in the bin and forgotten about. Starting off with ...

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